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Trace the difference Between Handloom and Powerloom

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Clothes are important in our lives. We need clothes not only to represent us socially but also it protects us from harsh weather conditions. But have you ever wondered how these clothes are produced or what effort goes behind the process of manufacturing these clothes? How are materials transformed into colorful and attractive clothes? There are mainly two types of clothes sold in the market. one is the handloom and the other is the powerloom. Due to these types of loom, a piece of cloth can be transformed into a beautiful and attractive salwar-kameez, saree, and dress. But there exist certain differences between these two types of looms. 

Here, in this content, you will come to know about the difference between a handloom and power loom. Let’s now check out those differences below. 

What is handloom? 

A handloom is basically a kind of wooden weaving frame that is operated manually without using any kind of electricity to weave the fabric. This tool is used by expert and efficient craftsmen who use different types of fabrics. Linen handloom sarees are popular all over the world for their exclusive designs and prints. Handloom sarees are available in various categories that include black linen jamdani saree, jamdani linen saree, metallic linen saree, blue linen saree, and Jamdani Handloom Saree.

There is a huge demand for handloom weavers since the 19th century. Every fibre has a special type of handloom that helps a piece of product to transform into the final product. 

What is powerloom? 

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A powerloom is a kind of weaving process that is operated through electricity. It is a mechanical process and does not require any kind of manual involvement. Powerloom products are quite popular in the market since people started looking for cotton clothes. However, powerloom products can be weaved by applying only a kind of pattern or design. 

What is the difference between powerloom and handloom? 

There exists a huge difference between powerloom and handloom. Here in this section, you will come to know about the difference between the two –

  • Operations 

The handloom is operated manually and to run this, efficient and trained craftsmen are required. As it does not run on electricity but on manual labor, they are quite demanding in the market. The designs are imprinted on clothes manually and therefore, they come into the final form. There are two peddle sets that a weaver needs to use for operating the wooden frame. 

On the other hand, powerloom makes the use of electrical energy for weaving clothes and does not require any manual operation. Powerloom is capable of producing a huge amount of clothes at one time. 

  • Efficiency 

There exists a huge difference between handloom and powerloom. While handloom produces manually weaved clothes, powerloom is run by a steam engine and it is very much effective as well as faster. Handloom is made of a wooden frame and requires special attention for weaving different patterns on clothes. The process of producing clothes in handloom is slow. 

  • Variety 

One of the biggest differences between powerloom and handloom is variety. As handloom is done manually, you can get different patterns and you can alter designs of your choice. This helps craftsmen in creating unique and magical design patterns and therefore customers can explore a wide range of styles and patterns. Linen handloom sarees are popular all over the globe for their attractive design patterns and crafts work. In today’s age, online linen saree are establishing their markets in foreign countries as well. They are receiving huge responses from the people for their attractive design works. 

On the other hand, in power loom, you won’t get much variety. In powerloom, only replica products are made of one particular design or pattern and it cannot be changed. There is not much variety available. 

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  • Features 

The features of both powerloom and handloom are different except for one and it is a shuttle. In handloom and powerloom, this small device is used which is called a shuttle through which yarn is inserted for weaving. Powerlooms are modern cloth weaving machines that are a bit expensive in comparison to handlooms. But by making a one-time investment you can produce a high volume of clothes within a short span of time in powerloom. 

Though both powerloom and handloom are mainly used for weaving clothes, their features and quality are far apart from each other. Both have advantages and disadvantages. But handloom products are more demanding in the market because of their wide variety of designs. Handloom involves manual effort from skilled human beings. On the other hand, powerloom involves the use of machines through which the same pattern or design of clothes can be produced in bulk amounts. There is not much variety available in powerloom and this is one of the main drawbacks. 

Each handloom saree has a signature mark. When a woman drapes a handloom saree, it makes a different appearance. The best part of handloom sarees is that you can wear them for any occasion. No matter whether it is a wedding event or a corporate function, handloom sarees are perfect for any occasion. From light design to heavy work designer sarees, all are available in this category. If you want to buy linen saree online, you can get the convenience of making online shopping now. Through the online platform, you can buy cotton linen saree online, Jamdani Handloom Saree, designer linen sarees online, and many more. The list is endless.

Here is the list of famous handloom sarees that deserve a place in your wardrobe 

  • Linen jamdani sarees

Linen jamdani sarees are just perfect to bring out the inner beauty of a woman. You can wear this saree for any occasion. They are available in various color combinations, designs, and patterns that will definitely take your heart away. Whether it is a social event or corporate function, these sarees are apt for any occasion. You can drape with your favorite pair of accessories and you will grab the limelight of the event. Jamdani sarees are manufactured only in Kolkata and it is popular all over the globe. 

  • Kanjeevaram silk saree 

These are basically exquisite handloom sarees that have been produced in the Kanchipuram district of Tamil Nadu. What makes this saree unique is it’s borderline. The border line is the main attraction of it. 

  • Baluchuri sarees 

Baluchuri sarees are popular for their motifs that have been taken from mythology. These motifs are woven into the saree and it looks amazingly beautiful. These sarees originated from one of the villages of Bangladesh and they are weaved in various parts of Bengal. These sarees are the signature marks of West Bengal and they are popular across the globe. 

  • Handloom Designer sarees 

Handloom designer sarees are known for their heavy design work. These sarees are apt for any wedding event like social functions. They look gorgeous. There are a wide variety of designs available in designer handloom sarees. The prices of these sarees vary as per their design and work. The heavier the saree is, the higher will be its price. 

These are the list of top handloom sarees that surely deserve a place in every woman’s wardrobe. 

How to identify an authentic handloom saree? 

  • Handloom sarees are basically uneven and rugged as they are hand woven. Whereas powerloom sarees are different in texture and come with a flawless look. 

  • Handloom sarees have pin marks on the bottom or top of the borders whereas powerloom sarees look flawless. 

  • Handloom sarees come with a soft texture and they are resilient in comparison to power loom sarees. 

  • Handloom sarees come with extra threads at the end saree pallu whereas powerloom sarees don’t have extra threads. 

  • In handloom, artisans apply customization whereas through powerloom only replica products can be produced. 

Therefore, these are some of the important points that should be kept in mind while choosing 100% authentic handloom sarees. 


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