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History of Saree

The word sari/saree is derivative of the Prakrit word Sadi, with the original term being the Sanskrit word Sati meaning …

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Handloom should not be closed

WEAVING OUT OF TROUBLE! In this pandemic situation, when the whole world is currently undergoing an emergency situation, the handloom …

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Medical Special Care 2

Medical Help and Special Care

Karustuti works towards identifying the root causes of healthcare challenges, providing innovative solutions, and helping implement secure and quality healthcare …

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Women Empowerment 1

Woman Empowerment

Alongside child development, Karustuti also stands for woman empowerment. Needless to say, every woman is an ocean of magnitude and …

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Education 2

Education For All

Every human has a right to basic education. Having envisioned a progressive future that opposes gender disparity, provides elementary education …

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Bengal’s Handloom

Of all the many cottage industries that had thrived in Bengal in the remote past and are being carried on …

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Karustuti sustains Fairtrade handloom, and the creative potential of handloom artisans fighting their ill-fates, to helping them aspire weaving, living and believing!