Know the key significance behind wearing sarees in India| What are the benefits of wearing an authentic saree?

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Considered one of the most popular traditional attires of India, the saree will improve the beauty and elegance of Indian women. Due to its noteworthy evolution, the saree remained part of the Indian fashion industry for several thousand years. Starting from grandma’s shelves to granddaughter’s cupboard, you will find at least one saree in the wardrobe of every woman living in India. Before you create a collection of saree, you need to learn about different parts of this traditional attire. 

Generally, in Indian culture, Hindu women are seen wearing sarees. These sarees have pallu, borders, fields et cetera. In this era of westernization in India, a nine-yard-long saree remained the symbol of our Hindu culture. But these days women are wearing 6-yard sarees due to the convenience. 

Believe it or not, the Indian traditional attire of saree is relevant in the local market as well as in the international market. Many people refer to this significant apparel as ‘woven wonder’. If you are an Indian, you must have an idea about the saree being the symbol of style, splendor, and magnificence. The way women wear saree represents their regional traits and tradition. 

Are you still wondering whether to buy a saree or not? Well, in that case, check out all the handwoven linen and cotton handloom sarees available to you in various online ethnic stores. These gorgeous sarees will change your outlook completely on this traditional Indian culture.

What is the significance of wearing a saree?

Do you know the saree is considered one of the oldest clothing items in the world? This global attire of saree has spiritual significance as well. This particular attire has the capability of reducing the distress in energy while it is draped around the body of the woman. According to the popular culture of India, the goddesses are often portrayed wearing colorful yet artistic sarees. This widely used traditional attire helps women flaunt Indian pride. Here are a few important facts that you need to know about saree.

•    Do you know, today it is possible to drape sarees in more than a hundred ways?

•    Saree is not just an uncut piece of handwoven cloth anymore.

•    Generally, the length of the saree remains between 3.5 yards and 9 yards.

•    The best thing about a saree is that you don’t need any safety pin to wear a saree.

•    This traditional attire is very easy to wear and anyone without knowledge of saree can wear it.

•    In a country of diverse cultures like India, you will get to witness the mutual coexistence of various styles and trends when it comes to wearing a saree. In the southern part of India, women are seen wearing gorgeous sarees. But, they do not wear saree in the same way as that in Bihar, Assam, and UP. The prints and designs can be different based on the influence of states. So, if you wish to style yourself in an elegant and sophisticated way, you should start building your capsule wardrobe with sarees.

  What are the benefits of wearing a saree?

•    Eye-catchy– The Indian sarees are generally made with diverse materials such as chiffon, georgette, crepe, kalamkari, Muga silk, muslin, khadi, cotton, cotton silk, art silk, and so on. These materials make the saree look gorgeous and glossy when someone wears it. When women wear saree, they look stunning and fabulous at the same time because of these eye-catchy sarees.          

•    Traditional attire and conserving culture– It is a crucial aspect in Hindu culture to wear sarees on special occasions and traditional festivals. Whenever women think of styling themselves in an ethnic look, they pick up a saree. This traditional attire of saree will make them look gorgeous and relevant to the occasion.

•    Best for every occasion and all body types– Women with both slim figures and voluptuous figures can opt for gorgeous sarees to improve the way they look. It all depends on how you drape a saree to make you look slimmer or bigger than your body frame. Irrespective of your age you can wear sarees. It is quite easy to wear a saree. So, the woman can wear sarees to every occasion, be it a conference or a wedding.  

•    Unlimited options of draping– Believe it or not, a saree allows a woman with various draping options. To increase your creativity, you can drape this single fabric saree in different styles according to your mood. These unlimited options of draping will contribute to your self-confidence as well. Today, you will get to buy Kanchipuram silk saree, Kanjivaram silk saree et cetera in South India. You will find Madhubani print saree, Jaipuri silk, etc. in the northern part of India.  These days, in Bengal, the cotton handloom sarees and handmade linen sarees are quite famous.          

•    Portrays different virtues in women– When Indian women wear sarees, it represents their modesty, humility et cetera. Unlike the western dresses, a saree covers maximum parts of a woman’s body. If you wear a saree properly, it will reflect your bold personality as well.

•    Flatters your curve– Believe it or not, a saree is such an outfit that will flatter the stunning curves of a woman’s body. Simply put, you can flaunt your body wearing a saree. 

•    No tailoring issues, footwear issues– Unlike Kurtis, you won’t have to take your new saree to tailors. this will save you some expenses. You will just have to purchase good blouses to go with your saree. Also, there is no need to match the footwear with sarees because when you wear sarees, people will pay minimum attention to your shoes.

•    Comfortable attire for all seasons– This airy outfit of saree can be comfortably worn in all seasons. During winter, the insulation keeps the women’s bodies hot. Whereas, during the month of summer, women try to keep the saree as airy as possible.

What is the necessity of a woman always wearing a saree?

The Indian woman after marriage wears a saree to mark their new status as a newlywed. In simple words, many women in India wear sarees to nurture the Hindu culture. Do you know that the sarees can improve the stability of your mind while boosting the concentration of a suspicious mind? This traditional attire will awaken the maternal feelings inside a woman’s body. 

Is there any scientific evaluation of wearing a saree?

Yes, there are some scientific reasons behind wearing a saree. Saree has been a part of Indian culture for several thousand years. There are a number of scientific reasons behind women wearing sarees for all these years. Let’s take a look at those reasons.

•    When women wear sarees, positive energy flows through their entire bodies. As a result, this traditional attire keeps all their senses healthy. It has been seen that women feel more happiness and remain connected to their souls when they wear sarees.

•    The pleating of pallu makes this traditional attire airy. When women cover both arms with Pallu, it increases the insulation.  The midriff of the saree will keep the skin of the women’s body cool always. The hem of the saree is sometimes used to decrease insulation as well.

•    Sarees are eco-friendly and quite natural clothing for women. These sarees are made of natural fabrics such as cotton, silk, etc. This particular fashion trend of saree will channelize the positive energies in your body.

Now that, you know all the details about the scientific evaluation, significance, and benefits of wearing sarees, when are you thinking of purchasing your very first saree? If you are living in India, you should try your hand at Saree at least once.


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